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Tax Lien and Tax Lien Prevention

What is a tax lien? The filing of a tax lien is the taxing authority’s (either by the IRS or a State taxing authority) notification to you and to the general public that the taxing authority claims an interest in your property, all of your property, whether it be real estate or personal property. For a business, a lien attaches to business assets including accounts receivable. The filing of the lien is not a seizure of individual assets or business assets. However, the filing of the lien is serious. It’s an indication that the taxing authority is accelerating it’s collection activities on your tax account. Tax liens may be filed at the local recorder’s office and/or Secretary of State. If you or your business has received notice of the filing of a tax lien, we can help!


How to Prevent the Filing of a Tax Lien


If you have a tax liability, and no tax lien has yet been filed, it may be possible to avoid the filing of the lien. It requires that you the taxpayer, be pro-active, by hiring the right tax professional to prevent the filing of the tax lien. Can the filing of all tax liens be prevented? the answer is no. Be aware that once a tax lien is filed, a tax lien is difficult to remove unless the tax liability representative of the lien has been paid in full. If you have a tax liability and no tax lien has been filed, contact us!

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