Why DFG Tax?

First of all, because we care about all of our clients. We listen to our clients. Our clients are what makes our business successful. We work hard and smart to analyze resolution options related to your tax liability and then present the preferred or perhaps only available option to the taxing authority (primarily IRS) for resolution IN WRITING. We negotiate until we get the resolution you need. We don’t let our client’s enter into tax resolution programs with tax resolution authorities that are destined to fail or payment plans that are not affordable. Call DFGTax now!

Tax Preparation - Installment Agreements Colorado

Through hiring a tax professional, you are better able to focus on what is important in life: family, friends and for business owners, your business.

Why should you hire a tax resolution professional?

There are many reasons why individuals and businesses should hire professional guidance when beneath the cloud of a delinquent tax liability. By retaining a tax resolution professional you have a dedicated team of individuals working on your tax issues, professionals who understand the IRS and state tax criteria relative to resolution options which might be available to you.

You get immediate piece of mind.

Tax Professionals such as those we have at DFGTAX have cumulative decades of experience in dealing with tax collection agencies of the IRS and States, from their call centers, their local revenue officers or agents and appeals. The Tax Resolution Professionals at DFGTAX know the criteria which you must meet before a proposal to the taxing authority can be presented (for example, all delinquent returns must be filed). Call DFGTax now!

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