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In 2015, I found myself facing a $180,000.00 IRS tax liability. I unfortunately had not filed my 1040 tax returns for several years. It was a very stressful time. The team at DFGTAX assigned to my file assured me that I my assets or my income would not be levied. The IRS sent out notices threatening levy and DFGTAX immediately appealed. They helped me file get my tax returns prepared and filed. The IRS as I write this is processing my returns. While I will still have some liability, a manageable installment agreement is insured.

Holly H. (Florida)

Elysia helped myself and my family through filing and processing an Offer In Compromise on our behalf. She was diligent in her approach and successfully negotiated acceptance of the Offer In Compromise. We can’t thank her enough. She successfully reduced our tax liability by over $500,000.00.

Michael F. (Washington)

Adam W. of Guerne Heights, LLC hired DFG in September of 2015. He writes on August 10, 2016: “Please allow this letter to serve as a point of reference for all future clients of DFGTAX. I have been a client of DFGTAX since September 18, 2015 and I’m very pleased with the work that Monique McCrimmon and her team have been able to accomplish in this timeframe. When I first hired DFGTAX, my main concern was to establish a low monthly payment plan and reduce the amount of penalties. They were able to secure an affordable Installment Agreement with both the State of Ohio and Internal Revenue Service all while keeping me protected from levies and garnishments. I never had to speak with the Revenue Officer or aggressive debt collectors which was a relief. They stayed on top of things and consistently contacted me to give me updates on my case. Currently, they are working on reducing the balance through abatement of penalties and I’m excited to see what they will achieve next. I’m extremely grateful for their help and would recommend DFGTAX to anyone who needs help with their back taxes.”

Adam Wengerd – (Guerne Heights, LLC – Ohio)

I became involved with the principals of DFGTAX several years ago. I had not filed business and personal returns for 9 years. My records were not organized. I knew my liabilities for both my business and myself were each over $1,000,000.00. I honestly did not know what to do except ask for help. Fortunately I was assigned to a professional and his team that not only knew what to do, but they cared. Steve and his staff worked diligently to develop accurate summaries of my business income and expenses and then arranged for the filing of all my past due returns. The company helped me restructure my business while the past due returns were being filed and insisted I hire staff to keep my records in order. I followed their advice. The business restructuring saved me in excess of $1,000.000.00. As part of the return filing process, my individual 1040 returns were also filed and I was looking at just at $1,000,000.00 which included penalties and interest, which was substantial. My personal income was in excess of $300,000.00 annually, my mortgage payment near $5,000.00 a month; was going through a divorce and paying support, looking at college tuition payments. DFGTAX outlined tax resolution options – an installment agreement, possibly an Offer In Compromise. It was explained to me that securing for me an accepted Offer In Compromise from the IRS would be a difficult task; in fact, it was described to me as highly unlikely and that I should be prepared for an outright denial. My offer was near $90,000.00. The IRS offer In Compromise unit, months after the proposal was submitted sent a letter and it was an outright denial of my request. Options were again discussed and I authorized DFG to file an appeal on my behalf. As the appeals process moved forward, I was kept informed at all times as to matters of concern voiced by the appeals officer; negotiations continued for months. You cannot imagine my surprise when I received the call from Steve informing me that the offer had been accepted. Months after acceptance I paid that portion of the accepted offer amount not previously sent to the IRS when the Offer In Compromise had been accepted. DFGTAX continues to consult on tax related issues and prepares and files my business and personal returns annually.

Tom S. (Pennsylvania)

Thanks DFGTAX for your help. My business had accrued near $50,000.00 in payroll taxes. I had missing quarterly employment tax returns. I had not filed because I did not have the funds to pay. DFGTAX helped me get the time needed with the assigned IRS Revenue Officer to get my missing returns filed. They explained the importance of paying my employment taxes on time and I am doing so. My returns are now filed and I am awaiting approval of an installment agreement at $700.00 a month which is manageable for my business.

Connie T. – Unique Denture Dental (Florida)

Marlin S., President of Wind River Tribal College writes to his resolution team via email: “Good Day Ladies, I really appreciate your dedication for the clients that you work with. I didn’t expect a resolution so soon. What a relief for me knowing that this issue has been negotiated. My congratulations to both of you for your expertise and professionalism.” The college retained DFGTAX facing a large employment tax liability. Immediately DFGTAX began negotiations with the IRS, insuring that no levies of any nature would occur, most importantly bank account funds which were needed for college operations. An installment agreement of just over $700.00 monthly, as presented by DFGTAX on behalf of Wind River Tribal College was approved on May 27, 2016.

Marlin S., President – (Wind River Tribal College – Wyoming)

My experience with DFGTAX related to a large employment tax liability of my business. My business had relied upon a continued distribution contract with an international manufacturer/seller of computer systems (think fruit). That manufacture modified it’s distribution channels and my business income declined near 80%. Unfortunately, my costs, particularly employee payroll did not decline and within a year, I had over $200,000.00 of unpaid payroll taxes. I then sought help and DFGTAX was there to help me. I considered options they outlined and we closed the distribution business. I was later assessed part of the employment tax. I also had an income tax liability. In total, I owed about $150,000.00 to the IRS. I had no state tax liability. DFGTAX then negotiated for me an installment agreement of $100.00 which I have been paying for a couple of years. They also helped me organize a new business. My suggestion is simple. I am a smart and accomplished business owner with a background in finance and accounting. My lesson learned is if you have an IRS issue, do not try to figure it out yourself just to save a dollar. Let a professional you trust handle it. DFGTAX knew the laws, the procedures and equally important, it’s personnel explained the process to me and what I could expect. I trusted DFGTax and that proved to be a very smart thing to do.

Darrell F. (Florida and Ecuador)

I have been the office manager for Dr. Anthony M. (his medical corporation) for years and the business had accrued significant payroll tax liabilities. An IRS revenue was assigned. My employer also had significant personal income tax liabilities and he asked me to get him to hire a tax professional to, as he put it, “to get me out of this mess”. I hired DFGTAX and within months they helped Dr. Anthony M. reorganize his business. After the medical corporation was closed, the IRS assessed Dr. Anthony M. what I understand is called trust fund tax. An installment agreement later negotiated for Dr. Anthony M. On several occasions, Dr. Anthony M. was not able to keep up with the negotiated installment payments and we called upon DFGTAX to renegotiate the payment schedule with the revenue officer, which they did. I highly recommend DFGTAX in you are in need of help with a tax liability. It’s clear that the employees of DFGTAX care about their clients.

Felicia for Dr. Anthony M. (Georgia)

I work for a large technology company, based in the Silicon Valley and my responsibilities involve negotiation of product sales and implementation internationally involving tens of millions of dollars. I receive substantial stock options. I filed my own tax returns and then filed amended returns. Unfortunately, I did not treat the stock option income correctly and I ended up being assessed in excess of $200,000.00 in tax that I did not believe I owed. I hired DFGTAX and they recommended that I allow them to file amended returns for 2 years. The returns were prepared and filed by DFGTAX. Acceptance of the tax returns would have virtually eliminated all of my IRS tax liability. Of the two amended returns filed on my behalf by DFG, one was accepted almost immediately and it eliminated a small portion of the tax. The IRS refused to process the remaining amended return. DFGTAX worked tirelessly on this issue for almost 2 years, working with appeals officer and finally with the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate to get the 2nd amended return processed. I know, because they kept me informed, that they communicated with multiple personnel at the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate until they found someone who understood how stock option grants are to be reported and taxed. The tenacity of DFGTAX personnel saved me $200,000.00. DFGTAX continues to file my tax returns annually. I can’t thank them enough for their help.

Cheryl M. (California)

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